How does Mucosolvan work?

A chesty cough is characterized by thick mucus22 that needs heavy coughing to clear the airways2. This causes damage to the airways and is painful as well2. Mucosolvan® is an expectorant that works by thinning the mucus when thick mucus is a problem2.

Mucosolvan®: Solving the mucus problem with fast23 3-way action2

Loosens the mucus2,24

Mucosolvan® makes the mucus thinner so that the cilia (hair-like projections lining the lungs) can transport it upwards more easily.2,24

Clears the airways2,24

Mucosolvan® activates the cilia, allowing them to beat more strongly and at a faster rate to expel mucus out2,24.

Protects against new mucus2,24

Mucosolvan® stimulates the surfactant, a natural protective factor of the lungs that prevents the mucus from sticking to the cilia.2,24,25 Activating the surfactant production also aids the host defence system in the lungs26 and protects against irritating agents and bacterial infections27

Breathe freely again with Mucosolvan®