Manage your cough
What can you do when you have a cough?

1. Track your cough’s type and duration8

Your cough can be wet or dry

Your cough is acute if it lasts less than 3 weeks or chronic if it lasts more than 8 weeks

2. A crucial component of effective cough management is to start with self-care remedies11

  • Drink more fluids
  • Have a soothing drink (e.g. honey & lemon)
  • Breathe steam from the shower
  • Elevate the head of your bed
  • Avoid exposure to smoke
  • Clear the mucus and soothe your cough with a mixture of 2 to 3 drops of warm water and salt, dropped into each nostril

3. If self-care remedies were not enough, consult with your physician. Your doctor will guide you on how to manage your cough with the help of recommended cough-relieving medicines.11,2,24

Mucosolvan® Syrup for fast cough relief (it provides cough relief in 30 minutes).

  • Mucosolvan® Syrup for fast cough relief (it provides cough relief in 30 minutes).2
  • Mucosolvan® Long active capsules (it provides sustained cough relief for 24 hours).24

4. Prevent cough recurrence44

Get vaccinated:
Flu vaccine is recommended to prevent influenza infection.

Take oral zinc:
It may provide some benefit in preventing colds and decreasing cold duration and severity.

Take Vitamin C:
It is essential to stimulate the immune system by increasing the strength and protection of the organism.45

5. Contact your doctor again8

Contact your doctor again if you:

  • Cough up blood
  • Have chest pain or trouble breathing when you cough
  • Vomit when coughing
  • Have been close to someone with a whooping cough
  • Cough more than 8 weeks
  • Got got better and then your cough worsens