When cough ruins your routine33. Get sustained cough relief throughout the day with Mucosolvan®

Taking frequent medications can cause inconvenience and disruption in your daily schedule33. A medication with 24-hour cough relief, such as Mucosolvan long-acting capsules®, can sustain cough relief throughout the day24.

Mucosolvan® long acting (LA) capsules is a pioneer in the use of micro-pearls. The small micro-pearls dispense the medicine quickly and the large micro-pearls dispense it slowly throughout your body, thereby providing relief throughout the day.24


Mucosolvan® long acting (LA) capsules provide

    24-hour sustained cough relief24
    Once a day dosing24 to overcome forgetfulness33
    Convenience for people on the go24

Mucosolvan® long-lasting cough capsules - the anti-annoyance and anti-disruption medication