When coughing disrupts social activities…29
Relieve your cough fast with Mucosolvan®

Acute and chesty cough with phlegm can disrupt your well-being and adversely affect family members and co-workers. When coughing leaves, you feeling embarrassed, frustrated and anti-social, Mucosolvan fast acting cough syrup gives you fast and effective cough relief.23

    Fast23 3-way action: loosens the mucus, clears your air ways and protects your lungs so that you can breathe freely2.
    Soothes your sore throat25,30 and relieves the irritation and phlegm31,32
    Faster improvement and recovery from different cough symptoms (cough frequency, cough intensity & difficulty in breathing)25.
    Significantly reduces the number of common cold episodes during the year.26.
fast cough relief within 30 mins

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