When cough disturbs your child’s activities15...
Ease the cough of your little one with Mucosolvan® cough syrup for kids.

Preschool and schoolchildren may suffer from acute respiratory infections six to eight times a school year and can cough 140 times in one day. Coughing can disturb their scholastic and sports activities. It can also affect their quality of sleep, thereby affecting their parents’ sleep15.

cough relief 

Mucosolvan’s® fast23 3-way action helps in relieving children’s cough2. This trusted cough syrup for kids is excellent to use even in the youngest children.36

    E­ffective against cough with mucus2
    Fast improvement of different cough symptoms (cough frequency, intensity, expectoration, thickness of phlegm)
    Works well with antibiotics (increases concentration of antibiotics in the lungs and provides better improvement when combined with antibiotics)
    High tolerability with minimal side effects even in youngest patients36

Help your child get back to his active life with Mucosolvan®